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2003-12-21 @ 4:57 a.m.

Okay, just so we make it clear that not all my wanton doomsaying is necessarily accurate:

If you've read here a bit, you may recall that I was predicting all sorts of gloom and doom at some point, in reference to how well I would perform this semester in school. Well, truthfully, this really has not been my Best Semester Ever. Not by a longshot.

Nonetheless, though I really am a rather shitty student (discipline and study-wise, that is) and this semester was not even my best -- eh, still finished with a 3.55.

Again, not my highest GPA ever ... but I'd still say not bad considering I was exponentially more behind as the semester went on, and pretty much did the work that earned that grade in about the space of a week.

So even with points docked for being late, that B- really was my lowest grade from a 14 credit semester.

So mebbe you doubt that I'm a bonafide genius -- s'cool, just doubt at least as much that I'm a complete moron.

Well, I mean, most of the time. When it doesn't concern or involve women.


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